Festive Reflection


This is a short flash (100 words) in response to a rather intriguing challenge set by The Daily Post. The crime took place on the 24th of December, so hopefully they don’t mind the 25th temporal location.

Hope you enjoy, and merry festive seasonal stuff to you all.

Christmas Lunch Etiquette

My brother’s gloved hand instigated the Great Row of 89. Fingerless and red, it drew our father’s irritation as we ate lunch amidst the detritus of pulled crackers.

A knitted time bomb. Ticking amongst the tinsel and turkey.

“Take that off.”


I glared, as did father, catching him in our differing demands.

Then he began to remove it. Revealing the skin beneath, blackened and scorched. Forged by a combination of standing lamp, inserted finger and a switch thrown in malevolence.

The aftermath of last night’s quest for hidden presents.

Fatherly eyes bulged.


He just nodded in my direction.



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