a final word (or three) on resolutions

Trifecta have a three word resolution writing challenge. So, in light of my recent post on resolutions here are my three words:

Make New Mistakes

What would yours be?



  1. I like this. Funny thing is, I hadn’t seen this quote until someone posted it as a response to my 3-word resolution 🙂 Remembering mistakes aren’t always bad can be tough though!

    • Thanks Kymm and it is taken/inspired from Gaiman’s recent journal entry on resolutions. The idea of pushing oneself instead of limiting was hard to resist. Happy new year to you to.

    • Thanks Whismy, but the inspiration was taken from a recent journal post by Neil Gaiman, a link is within my earlier post on resolutions if you wanted to read the full piece. Best IR

    • Thanks Jayne, I did reflect, after noting down the three that nearly every year I always unwittingly set the same ridiculous resolutions that are inevitably abandoned at the first opportunity (yes I am looking at you 2005 and the year of no alcohol pledge). This mistake based approach does feel to be less confining and avoiding the pattern of denial/attainment that most resolutions seem to be ….

  2. If you are making mistakes then, you are having opportunities for learning and for personal growth. The trick is to actual learn from your mistakes and to not let them get you feeling discouraged. Best of luck in 2014. May your mistakes be wisdom-inducing as the year goes along. 🙂

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