The Lesson

Once again didn’t quite cross the finishing line in Flash! Friday’s Micro fiction contest, but as always an enjoyable prompt and some of the other tales were really incredible.



Image: Clot Bey in Egyptian army uniform teaching the first modern Anatomy lesson at Abu-Zaabal, Egypt in 20 June 1829.


The Lesson

‘Gentleman, may I ask that you step forward so as to better see today’s lesson.’

Captain Bey watched as the assembled students, professors and what he could only assume were voyeurs gently ushered forward. The heat inside the lecture room was oppressive, the air thick with incense and flies.

‘As you can see we have our specimen for the autopsy presented here on this stretcher. However, before I proceed can anyone identify what error may affect the outcome of our autopsy today?’

There was respectful silence. Then one of the professor’s spoke out.

‘Are the correct tools present?’

‘Indeed, anyone else?’

A student, timidly raised his hand.

‘The lighting … ?’

‘Is perfectly acceptable, no gentlemen the issue is that the specimen is very much alive!’

The crowd gasped, they could now see that the body was moving, straining against hidden bonds.

‘Fear not, such issues are easily rectified’. The captain raised his scalpel.


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