The Art of Coming Second (cease those dirty thoughts you …)

Pleasant surprise of the week, well aside from the heat of summer finally shifting, was my hastily thrown together entry this week for Flash Friday coming second. Really enjoyed the photo prompt and time travel theme, and thanks to all the other submitters for providing some intriguing responses …

So here’s the photo prompt …


And here’s the piece.

Traveling Without Moving

I seek solace within ancient tales, of sap and water, root and growth.


Blame the foolish ones. I left the time they began journeying through me. Cavalcades of foot and horse, cart and limp, that eventually became just drips and drops of soon to be dead things. A shuffling column of despair, toiling through the hole they cut within me in the time we towered like sentinels.

A scar, marking their civilised progress. Their achievement as a culture. Of stone and blade, of fire and linearity.

Foolish things, of minute lives and smaller understanding.

Now I choose to exist within rhizome memories. I become the first root that tasted water; the trunk that soared, the branch that colonised space.

Better that than the reality of now, of withering roots and dead rain. Of endless winters and ash filled skies.

The final achievement of the foolish.


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