Trifecta: Week 100 Entry

Hard to resist ultra short flash competitions …. Trifecta currently have a 33 word short running that has to start with the words ‘The first time I saw ….’ (making it 38 words in total) and only using words of one syllable.

So here is my entry, hope you enjoy it:


The first time I saw the corpse on the road, the scent of rank flesh hurt my eyes.

Weak white skin that my stick made a dent in.

Then the body wailed, a hand scraped dirt.

I ran.



  1. Are we talking zombies? Accident victims? Genocide victims? What? Depending upon the nature of the corpse, the resulting reaction would vary from, as you stated, running away to, feeling compelled to help. My first take on your opening was that it was a war scene or something like the massacres in Rwanda so that, I suppose, is colouring my response. Interesting take on the prompt. Thanks for giving me pause for thought. Most other prompts have been fairly straight-forward. 🙂

    • Thanks Cob for your kind words and really pleased that you liked the piece. As for what the body is … well that would be telling, though delighted that you found so many potential perspectives whilst reading ….

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