Missing the fracking point

A well measured and thoughtful piece on a challenge that affects everyone …

A Perfect Engine

More coverage this week on proposed fracking schemes wherein energy companies will blow stuff up underground to release shale gas that they can then burn to keep our smartphones charged and our patio heaters aflame.

The terms of engagement and cast of characters for this supposed debate have been set for some time. Meet the energy company spokesperson who just wants to keep our bills down. Meet the frantic homeowner who is desperate to prevent any damage to their sub- or super-terranean environs within a radius likely to affect what they can see, what they can smell or what they can tell their friends they can get for their house which they don’t actually intend to sell. Meet the news organisations who are lining up debates between these two, filing them under ‘schedule filler’ and then relaxing for the next couple of years.

The way this issue is being framed…

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