a family affair

Ah the joy of Flash! Friday and their weekly prompts, sadly my entry didn’t quite make the grade this time around yet, as always, a nice writing exercise to get the creative juices flowing. The photo prompt (below) had me thinking along the lines of Donald Sutherland meandering the labyrinthine ways of Venice in Don’t Look Now. So the piece began life as a homage too Roeg’s psychological/paranormal horror tour-de-force, then became something entirely different.

Anyway hope you enjoy


A Family Affair

The rhythm of feet upon cobbled stone rang out through the city. Dirty faces peered out between wooden slats, watching the man in the cage being carried past. He pleaded, demanded, promised; yet no one replied.

They entered the square, the lake looked sorrowful, grey and uninviting. Like the people massed at the steps of the domed building he had till yesterday called home.

At the top of the steps his son waited, the warmth of his youthful smile echoed in the steel of the blade in his hand.

Hands tore him from the cage, forcing him to kneel. His son addressed the crowd, lifting the blade, yet he heard no words, lost in contemplation of the ancient statue that stood on the other side of the lake.

She had witnessed him hold that same blade years ago. Watched in silence as he had run the blade across his father’s throat.

Claiming his birthright, becoming a king.


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