Trifextra Week 101: Coffee and Dilemmas


I order espressos. She looks content, oblivious to my cancerous guilt.

Head buried within books, whilst I hold her heart in my hand.

I return, bearing coffee, an awkward smile.

Beginning the end.

Photo credit: Thomas Leuthard / / CC BY



    • Thanks artm61 … maybe I’ll figure the story of quite who the couple are, and the guilt that breaks them apart one day … or then again maybe I’ll just leave them to be caught between couple and breakup for eternity. Thanks for reading and your comment ….

  1. Oh, ouch. You know, this makes me think about how we never really know what’s going on at the next table over. I could have seen this couple a hundred times, oblivious. It’s a great story and seems to contain more than the 33 words. Nice job.

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