So another week and another post in Flash! Friday. Sadly this week I just couldn’t find the motivation/inspiration that normally tumbles when confronted with a photo prompt and the tale I finally submitted shows that in my opinion. Such is life eh? Anyway the normal rules were there, 150 word count, include the theme/notion of patience and away you go. Congratulations to the finalists.

You can find my tale below the far more interesting prompt that was the photo taken by Damien du Tout


Sisyphus & The Minotaur

I awaken to find myself in the belly of a labyrinth forged from derelict rooms consumed by sand. A bellow rings out, echoing off decomposing walls, yet I’m already wading through the treacherous dunes, towards the next room.

Today I escape.

My heart is pounding, fear binding my clothing to my skin. Reality transformed into motion, stooping, clawing, wading, fighting to exist. Every grain marking a second of guilt, a sentence I have had to learn to accept.

A rage fueled cry, the sound of wood splintering, he’s gaining.

I push onwards, scrabbling at yellow grains that deviously give way, clawing through room after room. Never looking back, no need, just focus on reaching the exit.

Another door screams out, this one close behind me. I wade on, fat tears rolling down my cheeks as urine soaks my crotch.

Then a horn gores my stomach, pain like fire, falling into darkness.

I awaken to find myself in the belly ….


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