Spec-Fic ‘Verse

Yesterday was having one of those days of rejection and dismay. In a moment of frustration I went hunting for somewhere to dump a drabble or two that had been lingering unwanted in the notebook. Anyway during my hunt I stumbled across Drablr that seems to be a relatively new online presence allowing writers to self-publish drabbles.

As Drablr describes itself:

“Drablr is a real-time self-publishing platform connecting readers and authors.”

So I chucked a drabble online entitled The Protester, doubting that I had accomplished anything other than virtually repressing my inner demons.

Anyway today I receive a tweet from Spec-Fic ‘Verse who’ve decided to feature The Protester within their daily story section. Maybe these folk from Drablr really are connected!

Life sometimes is very odd.


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