The Bus Stop Slasher

So things have been manic recently, both in the personal and the creative spheres, and I suddenly realised that certain projects had been neglected recently. So apologies in the gap between posting but the current long term WIP needed some love and attention. Anyway managed to drop a submission into Flash! Friday, which got awarded an Honorable Mention! There are some wonderful submissions inspired by the prompt so if you have the time you should pop over …

Anyway hope you enjoy



The Bus Stop Slasher

The press boys have labeled him the Bus Stop Slasher. A catchy little number, I’ve been tracking this guy for weeks now, yet every Friday another dame falls victim.

The night bus turns left on 57th, engine complaining as it wallows through the slumbering metropolis. I flex my toes, my size tens aching in the shoes I bought from a perv shop down on 128th. I’m the first to admit as a dame I’m an eyesore, yet the captain was insistent. Whatever it takes we catch this guy. Another stop comes into view, no perp waiting in the shadows. The bell dings, an old dame struggling with her shopping trolley.

Likely victim.

I move quick, helping her negotiate her way onto the sidewalk.

The driver, a real prince, departs, engine retching smog.

She’s apologetic, I tell her I’m fine. I’ll call up a black and white for a lift.

I barely feel the blade she thrusts into my stomach.


Image Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.




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