Unexpected Victories


The fine folk at The Angry Hourglass, a hot bed of talented flash writers, always set an intriguing prompt. Yet this week had me completely stumped, a porcelain lucky cat sat in a restaurant. For hours I tried to imagine what the cat was about, what story would unfold … Yet nothing, no hint of a tale, a character, a situation.

To compound things my twitter feed kept updating to the entries being submitted by writers far more talented than this humble scribe. I turned off the computer and walked away.

It seemed the best thing to do.

An hour before the deadline I was helping one of the jnrs with their homework, in particular how to use a line-jump technique to add numbers (they are only just beginning their own academic journey). The linearity, the jumping forward and backward, the sense of one thing led to another.

I apologised profusely, rebooted the Mac and started typing …

A piece I entitled Cause and Effect.


and it came first ….

hope you enjoy it



(image courtesy of Ashwin Rao)


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