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So it has come too my attention that there are some new kids on the Flash Fiction trail daring you to flex those creative muscles. The Light & Shade Challenge has been set up to fill the void left by the recent and sad demise of Trifecta. Taking a similar, but not completely ripped off I should add, approach to prompts and submissions, L&S will work as follows:

Our idea is that we set a 500 word challenge on Monday with a picture and word prompt, and a 100 word challenge on Friday.  Both challenges end on the following Sunday at midnight GMT.  Occasionally we set an oddball challenge, something a bit different and we’ll set the challenge for around ten days then.  No-one has to commit to all of them as it is all about having fun.

If L&S gathers the community and standard of writing  standard that Trifecta was noted for then it should be a great deal of fun.

You can follow them @lightandshadech, or of course simply wander over as the first prompt is already awaiting.


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