Of Wood and Sand

Flash! Friday’s prompt was one of those that stirred the writer within me. The image was startling, a photograph of an installation by Jeff Uitto entitled The Sea Horse:



Sadly the writer in my went for a cliched fantasy piece, partly due to the keyword this week being ‘knighthood’. Yet the world that unfolded before me was one I’m tempted to explore further in the future.

Anyway hope you enjoy.

The Joust

Sand shifted under Willow’s hooves causing Astrid to pat her anxious mount. Suddenly the Festival of Equus erupted into life, cheering spectators, trumpeting horns, fluttering flags. Caused by the morning sunlight glinting off of the burnished steed of House Alloy, her bronzed rider bearing his lance aloft.


Soft metal.

Treacherous metal.

Silence fell. The crowd watching the grizzled Seer whose gnarled hand held clutched aloft a red pennant, fluttering in the breeze.

Astrid summoned her concentration, demanding the wooden form beneath her acquiesce. Slowly bark and root flowed over her, fashioning a centaur out of this knight of House Forest and her steed. Extending out her right hand, Astrid watched a branch forge outwards, transforming her arm into a lance.

Jeers from some Alloy supporters, mocking the impudent child with the temerity to call herself a champion.

A moment.

Then scarlet fell.

The world around Astrid disappeared, consumed by the rhythm of hooves and the beating of her heart.


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