The Storm Outside

Another Friday passed, another entry into the weekly flash fiction competition that is held by those fine people at Flash! Friday. The photo prompt this week was John William’s painting of Miranda from Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the theme was that of freedom. I tried to do something different with my writing and style this week, attempting to avoid my normal inclination towards dystopia and near future realities. I was somewhat surprised at the tale that finally evolved, sadly no placing this week, but I hope you find it of interest.

Miranda — The Tempest. Painting by John William Waterhouse, 1916. Public domain photo.


The Storm Outside

The galleon plunged through the treacherous waters that, moments ago, had been tranquil. As white horses crested over the hull, Ferdinand pondered whether the vessel would survive the onslaught. The voices beyond the wall, erupting in anger, distracted him momentarily.

Another wave erupted, rocking the galleon to and fro. The ship was his father’s gift, a project for them to build together. In reality Ferdinand spent hours sat at the table, watching him curse and rage in frustration. Mother sat silently at his side, a dark moon floating under her eye.

Another wave, the voices were louder now. Ferdinand slid his head under the water, pulling the galleon down with him. Reducing the world to the sinking vessel and the bubbles rising from his nose.

Finally, the coldness of the bath forced Ferdinand to pull the plug. In the kitchen his mother was sat alone, her face ashen, tissue clenched in fist.

For Daddy had pulled the plug as well.


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