“South, eleven o’clock.’ Tex whispers, his binoculars trained across the yellow earth towards the border.

A bead of sweat drops from Pete’s chin, hitting the arid surface. Pete ignores the discomfort of the sun, calmly focusing on Tex’s prompt.

‘Look at him go! One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,’ Tex snickers.

’He got that wrong y’know?’


‘Armstrong, really screwed the pooch, pardon my french. Should’ve said, small step for a man.’

‘Yeah like he’s bothered what you think! Focus, rabbit’s bolting for home.’

Pete readjusted the sight, training his rifle on the man trampling through the brittle undergrowth. By the look of him he’d been walking for days, dirt crusted on bruised skin. He zoomed in, inspecting the face. A missing tooth, a dragon tattooed neck.

Crosshair hovering over a blue eye.

‘When your ready partner, take him to the moon.’

Pete slipped the safety, finger on trigger.

‘One … small … step …’


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