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Another week, another 33 words demanded by the lovely folk at Trifecta. Anyway the prompt took an unusual turn this week, instead of the usual photo prompt or beginning sentence we have to devise a tale that ends with the following:

That wasn’t what I meant.

I was going off on a horror tangent for a while, a misunderstanding or proposal gone awry. Yet somehow I wended my way into a slightly different narrative. Hope you enjoy


The hushed crowd awaited history. In the distance the apple rocked with his heartbeat. A breath, the play of taut string between fingers, feather against skin.

Focus William, focus.




That wasn’t what I meant.

So here’s my entry for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge. The theme is love gone wrong, a 33 word count limit and you have to avoid using the following: love, sad, tears, wept, heart, pain. I started off with considering break-ups and romantic endings, then suddenly found myself writing about the relationship below.

Family Affair

His laboured breathing filled the hospice ward. Blurred eyes seeking absolution I couldn’t give.

I took his weak callused hand, evoking adolescent echoes of pugilistic condemnations that fashioned purple sunsets on my skin.

Hard to resist ultra short flash competitions …. Trifecta currently have a 33 word short running that has to start with the words ‘The first time I saw ….’ (making it 38 words in total) and only using words of one syllable.

So here is my entry, hope you enjoy it:


The first time I saw the corpse on the road, the scent of rank flesh hurt my eyes.

Weak white skin that my stick made a dent in.

Then the body wailed, a hand scraped dirt.

I ran.